Typing Olympics – 3rd Grade Keyboarding Bootcamp

How do you teach keyboarding skills? While I have kindergarten and first graders use the keyboard and start to learn where the letters are, I do not start officially teaching typing until 2nd grade. At the beginning of 2nd grade I have my students spend 6 weeks (once a week classes) going through the levels of Dance Mat Typing. This gives them a good foundation and they can successfully type paragraphs for class efficiently. The classroom teachers really appreciate it.

3rd Grade Keyboarding Bootcamp

In 3rd grade we spend a few weeks doing some intensive keyboarding again. This time, though, it is competitive (with themselves) and they have choice about which program(s) to use. Check out this screencast I made to show you (teachers) how I implement this activity.

If you want the template, let me know in the comments and I will come back and add it. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for another way to get your students typing. Thanks for reading/watching.
Edited: Here is the template so go ahead and download it from my google drive.

3rd Grade Technology Curriculum

This keyboarding unit is included in my full year tech curriculum for 3rd grade (as well as the 6 week unit in 2nd grade) which you can find at https://www.k5technologycurriculum.com/.

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