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No tech?  No problem!  Here are activities you can do 100% unplugged. Great for days when the WiFi is out or you don't have access to devices.

No tech?  No problem!  Here are activities you can do 100% unplugged. Great for days when the WiFi is out or you don’t have access to devices.



  • In the sidebar, simply select “No computers or devices” under the “Classroom technology” heading for over 60 activities that can be done unplugged.

Coding Fairy Tales

  • Coding meets ELA instruction with VoCode! Turn students into robots to complete these fairy tale coding challenges. 3 Options for the activities mean that you can use this with ANY movable Bots and ANY grade level of students. 

This is a picture from a different set but it gives you the idea of how the cards work with the programmable robots.


Build Your Own Computer

  • Students assemble and color a paper computer, learning the name and function of each part as they go.

Typing Practice

  • Help your students learn where the keys are on the keyboard and begin developing typing habits with this coloring activity. Uppercase (windows and Mac) and Lowercase (Chromebook) keyboards provided. 

Trackpad Gestures

  • Students practice moving, clicking, swiping, scrolling, right-clicking, and clicking and dragging on paper work mats before they even get on a computer.

STEM Building Challenges

  • Get your students thinking like scientists with STEM challenges that have them building with candy, legos, or the classic spaghetti bridge.

Middle Elementary

Powerful Passwords

  • This lesson has students explore why people use passwords, learn the benefits of using passwords, and discover strategies for creating and keeping strong, secure passwords.

Fill in the Keyboard Letters

  • On each printable worksheet there are 3 keyboards for a total of 15 fill in the letters activities. 


Algorithm Activities

  • Teach students how to create and decompose Algorithms with these print and digital activities. 2 types of printable activities ask students to color pictures following an algorithm.

Upper Elementary

You Can Say That Again! – Text Compression

  • This collection of twenty activities is designed to aid the teaching and learning about data compression through engaging games and puzzles using cards, string, crayons and lots of running around.

Coding Quests

  • This board game practices If/Then/Else language while students move their robots characters through a path filled with obstacles.


Technology Vocabulary Word Searches

  • Students can keep their technology vocabulary terms in mind by completing word searches. 



No tech?  No problem!  Here are activities you can do 100% unplugged. Great for days when the WiFi is out or you don't have access to devices.

Middle School

Digital Citizenship Discussion Prompts

  • All Digital Citizenship Standards are addressed with these 42 task card style discussion prompts.


Keyboard Puzzles

  • With Cut and Paste Keyboard Puzzles it is deceptively tricky for students to cut the puzzle pieces and then find their places to create a completed keyboard.

Early High School

Crack the Code Puzzles

  • Binary Code, Hexadecimal, and Morse Code Encoded Messages with silly phrases as well as technology facts. These are still Tech lessons but on paper!


Sorting Networks

  • Use this CS Unplugged unit to have students explore how computers solve problems faster by having several computers work on different parts of the same task at the same time.

Late High School

Peruvian Coin Flip

  • This activity teaches Cryptographic protocols by showing how to accomplish a simple, but nevertheless seemingly impossible task—making a fair random choice by flipping a coin, between two people who don’t necessarily trust each other.

Science Lab Safety Mannequin Challenge

  • Join the mannequin challenge craze while practicing science lab safety! This resource walks your students through planning, rehearsing, filming, and reflecting on a mannequin challenge.

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No tech?  No problem!  Here are activities you can do 100% unplugged. Great for days when the WiFi is out or you don't have access to devices.

Printable keyboard pages are always a huge hit with students! #computerlab #tiktokmademebuyit

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