Thank you for your interest in the Elementary Technology Curriculum.

Here you will find all of the details needed to request a purchase order. Order total needs to be at least $100.

U.S. Schools for tax-exempt check payments only.

International Schools can use this form to request a quote but final purchase must be put through with a credit card. 

  • An order can be placed using the purchase order option even if your school hasn’t approved the purchase yet. 
  • Fill in all of the relevant fields in the form below. We will reach out to you with next steps. 
  • Read on below the form for additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Purchase Orders

Question: I don’t have payment approval yet. Can I still place the order? 

Answer: Yes you can if it will be approved within the next 30 days. We will send an invoice to your school and they have 30 days to pay. Your account on the site will be updated to “processing” which gives you access to the downloads and the digital content of the site. If your school doesn’t pay within the 30 day time frame, your account will be put on hold, removing your access. It is best to wait until within 30 days of the board meeting or whatever is required to get it approved. 

Question: Should I (the teacher using the site) put the order through or should the school secretary do it?

Answer: Anyone can fill out the Purchase Order form. The teacher using the site should put the actual order through (see below for details) because all of the downloads and digital content is connected to the purchase. You’re creating the class account that the students will also use when you put through the order so choose a username and password that is appropriate for students. Otherwise, the person who puts the order through will have to provide access. 

Question: What is next after filling out this form?

Answer: Give me a day or two and I will email you a custom coupon code to place the actual order on the website. This form is like a request for the order, but not the actual order. Be on the lookout for the email so that you can place your order and get your downloads quickly.