May Activities for the Computer Lab

Digital Activities for grades k-5 for May that can be used in the computer lab
Welcome to the month of May, where the weather is getting warmer and students are starting to get restless. As a computer lab instructor or administrator, you may be wondering how to keep your students engaged during this time of year. Fear not, because there are plenty of exciting and educational activities you can implement in your computer lab this May! There are endless possibilities to keep your students engaged and interested in the world of technology. So, let’s dive in and discover the amazing things you can do in your computer lab this May!
How to use this blog post: find the grade level you’re interested in and then read about the activities. Click on any images to go to the product description to learn more about it. You’ll see some activities in multiple grade levels. This either means that differentiation is provided to make the lesson appropriate for multiple grade levels, or it includes multiple grade levels of activities for the tech lab.

Kindergarten Digital Activities for May

Timely Tech can be the main activity for the month of May. Kindergarten students can do the activities for Shades of meaning, synonyms, and word families. 
We can bring some math instruction into tech lessons with digital hundreds charts with a Cinco de Mayo theme. 
A favorite every month is digital pixel art. The level 1 option for these is perfect for Kindergarten because it works on their mouse or trackpad skills with all drag and drop practice. 

First Grade Digital Activities for May 

For the main activity for 1st grade for May, students can complete the software lessons with a keyboard theme. If you’re assigning these during distance learning, you’ll want to make your own instructional videos based on the devices your students have at home. 
First grade students get to pick between level 1 and 2 of the digital pixel art. They have so much fun completing the designs that they don’t realize all of the mouse practice they’re getting.
Then first graders can finish up the slides that Kindergarten didn’t do in the Timely Tech set for May. These activities work in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Second Grade Digital Activities for May

These digital puzzles are harder than they look, which makes them a great warm up activity for any grade level. Second grade students can handle the first level that is included in this set.
The main activity for May for second grade can be Timely Tech. The slides on Number words, Decorate an apple for teacher appreciation, Make new words, Sort by Syllables, Sight words mystery picture, May prompts, Shapes flowers should keep them busy across several sessions. 
A great early finisher activity that ties together tech and math is spreadsheet mystery pictures. These activities require students to follow directions to fill in each cell in the chart. The level 1 option is great for 2nd grade. 

Third Grade Digital Activities for May

Digital Pixel Art makes a great warm up activity for any grade level. 3rd grade usually does well with level 2 or 3, depending on the skills they have.
Depending on when the end of your school year is, 3rd graders can start the End of Year Memory eBook and work on it over several sessions. There are 17 digital activity slides, so you can pick and choose which you want your students to fill out. Most years I split the slides between 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades so that each year they complete one that is different.
Students can practice a bunch of skills at once while completing a Mother’s Day Digital Card with this digital glyph card. Younger students could probably do this activity with help but might get frustrated working with the tiny shape pieces.

Fourth Grade Digital Activities for May

A great warm up activity during the month of May for 4th grade is digital multiplication and division review. I like to use this with 5th grade students too since they can always use the practice.
4th grade students love to complete these digital end of year slides. I pick 5 or 6 slides for each grade level (3-5th) to complete.
For an early finisher activity for the month of May, 4th grade students can do the first half of this Timely Tech set. This includes the slides for decoding, make a chart, search practice, vocabulary scramble, and fact or opinion. Sometimes I also duplicate a few of the coding slides for 4th graders to complete too.

Fifth Grade Digital Activities for May

Level 4 of the digital pixel art makes for great keyboard shortcut practice for 5th grade students. This set makes a great warm up activity for the month.
5th grade students can do the rest of the slides from Timely Tech for May as the main activity. This includes crossword puzzle typing, digital math, coding, and creating an infographic and diagram.
The digital End of Year Memory Book is a big hit with all of the grade levels. I let 5th grade students choose their slides since they “graduate” from elementary school.
There you have it. Digital Activities for grades k-5 for May that can be used in the computer lab or at home during distance learning. Pin this blog post to get back to later:
Digital Activities for grades k-5 for May that can be used in the computer lab or at home during distance learning.

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