Memorial Day Themed Activities for the Elementary Computer Lab

Here are a few Memorial Day themed activities for the elementary computer lab to keep your students working on technology skills in the computer lab during the Memorial Day holiday.

We’re going to do a whole series of guides for holiday themed computer lab activities this year. Keep your eye out for more holiday activity posts as the year goes on!

My Memorial Day Activities

My Holiday Text Formatting Activities include an American Flag that is perfect for celebrating Memorial Day. This set of formatting activities aims to bring engagement and a sense of purpose to the practice of typing. By the time students finish all 11 U.S. Holidays included, they will have practiced each of the keyboard rows four times. Students will also (hopefully) have a sense of pride over the final outcome and an understanding of the learning objective.

Primary Memorial Day Activities

Patriotic Binary Code for Kids

Introduce your primary students to binary while they work on their visual discrimination skills with this binary project.

Word Art

Word Art will let your students practice typing words while creating patriotic images. They have several patriotic images to choose from such as an American flag top hat, airplanes, stars or an eagle. You can provide a word wall for your students, or let them choose blocks of text from some Children’s Memorial Day poetry.

Memorial Day Games to practice Tech Skills

The US Flag Jigsaw Puzzle on Primary Games and the Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle and Word Search game on ABCya! are a mix of academic content and tech skills, making them perfect practice for our youngest students.

Middle Elementary Memorial Day Activities

Play Jeopardy

Introduce the History of Memorial Day, then have fun quizzing your students with this online Memorial Day Jeopardy. Don’t have time for all that? Kids can do this short Memorial Day quiz as a warm-up instead.

America Flag ASCII Art Challenges

  | * * * * * * * * *  :::::::::::::::::::::::::|
  | * * * * * * * * *  :::::::::::::::::::::::::|
  | * * * * * * * * *  ::::::::::::::::::::;::::|

Have your students attempt some American flag images with ASCII. ASCII artwork is created with the symbols and characters that you have available to you on your computer keyboard.

Upper Elementary Memorial Day Activities

Scratch or Tynker

You can have students check out Memorial Day projects made by others for inspiration first before create one of their very own.

Make a Digital Venn Diagram

Take this idea digital by using Google drawings, Canva, or another graphic design platform of your choice to have students create a Venn Diagram comparing Memorial Day & Veteran’s Day. Assign this YouTube video to introduce the activity if your kids are having trouble getting their facts straight..

Bonus! Middle/High School Activity Ideas

Virtual Tour of the National Museum of the Marine Corps

An easy-to-navigate interactive tour of the Marine Corps museum in Virginia. It features 360-degree views of many of the exhibits, along with narrative text and related media. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, the National Aviation Museum, and the National World War I Museum also have engaging virtual military museum tours!

I hope these Memorial Day themed activities for the elementary computer lab help your students understand how useful technology is for helping us learn about our past!

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