Free Resource Library for Technology Teachers

Start your year off right with my Free Resource Library for Technology Teachers. Getting ready to give your computer lab décor a makeover? Looking for a few new activities to spice up your routine? Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

This is where you’ll find all of my free downloads, subdivided into two main categories.

Activities to Try

Classroom Décor and Management

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Why Do I Need a Free Resource Library?

Free resources are little gems hidden in the sand. They can make all the difference in helping keep your classroom vibrant. Why waste your time raking through everything looking for them? With a free resource library, the gems are all right there in a treasure chest for you!

Tips for Teachers

  • Laminate your resources to protect from color fading. Lamination also increases durability if you decide to you move the poster around.
  • Consider printing several and posting them in several places to make sure students have them wherever students practice the corresponding skills.
  • For some resources, such as my Username and Password freebie, you may want to send copies home with students as well as adding them to a tech station.

Pick any resource and watch your students’ skills soar.

Ever-Growing List of Resources

List of activities, with more being added in the future!

  • Weekly Tech Lab Lesson Plans
  • Digital Pixel Art
  • Color by Code Printables
  • Computer Lab Pacing Guide
  • Distance Learning eBook
  • Cici’s Cellphone Circus Digital Book Companion
  • Coding in the Classroom Starter Kit
  • Coding Quests Printable Board Game
  • Computer Lab Management Freebie
  • Computer Parts Interactive PDF
  • CVC Build and Type Summer Theme
  • Digital Coloring Pages
  • Spreadsheet Mystery Pictures
  • Easy Keyboard Display Printable
  • Educational Websites List
  • MS Excel Project Sample
  • Fill in the Keyboard Letters Freebie
  • Grace Hopper eBook
  • Lab Safety Virtual Classroom
  • Mouse and Trackpad Tutorial & Practice
  • Digital Hundreds Charts
  • Keyboarding Expectations Posters
  • Build a Robot Digital Glyph
  • Technology Awards
  • Virtual Classroom Backgrounds
  • Sight Words Digital Flashcards
  • Sony KOOV Digital STEM Challenges
  • Drag and Drop Keyboards
  • Paper Keyboarding Practice
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Posters – Student led project
  • Sphero BOLT Digital STEM Challenges
  • Digital Word Work Menu
  • Tech Vocab Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Digital ELA
  • Daily Welcome Message for the Computer Lab
  • Inside of a Computer Lesson and Activity
  • Click and Drag Mouse Practice
  • Editable Login Cards
  • Kindness Display (tech themed)
  • Computer Station Numbers Sample
  • Text Formatting Activities Bulletin Board Letters
  • Computer Lab Expectations Poster
  • The Formative Five Posters
  • Digital Citizenship Bulletin Board
  • Classroom Management in the Computer Lab
  • I Can Statements for the Technology Standards Sample (ISTE Standards for Students)

Social Media Snapshot

Here’s a look at how a couple of these free resources have been used by teachers in our Facebook community.

An unplugged activity that allows students to easily practice their logins before they even get to a computer.

These keyboards can be printed on one single piece of paper to conserve space or printed on four pages of paper to create a giant keyboard that you can integrate into activities!

Color coding computer wallpapers may seem like a simple step to add to your classroom organization, but it is a great way to stay organized all year. With various bright colors, these wallpapers add a touch of color to your computer lab while also serving an important purpose


Check out my entire free resource library! We bet you’ll find something great there waiting for you.

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