Bulletin Board Ideas for the Computer Lab

These bulletin board ideas for the computer lab are sure to inspire!

These bulletin board ideas for the computer lab are sure to inspire! The ingenuity and commitment of other teachers always puts a smile on my face, I’m sure it will put one on yours as well.

Most of these computer lab decor photos were shared in the Technology Teacher Talk with Brittany Washburn Facebook Group. Join our Facebook community

Celebrate Holidays

Show Off Student Work

This class used p5js to create the different projects in this display.
This teacher had so much of a success doing the Build Your Own Computer Printable Technology Activity with their first graders that they had kiddos that would not relinquish their project so that she could hang it up on the wall.
For older students, this Keyboard Puzzles display also looks great!

Celebrate Typing Prowess

The kids will decorate their race cars in Google drawing and place them on the track as they meet their goals.

Keyboarding Progress Display

Display Computer Science Tips

Technology Standards Display Start your year off right with this bulletin board or display. All of the ISTE® Standards on stylish yet academic posters, with letters to use as a heading. Just print and set up!
Technology Themed Decor Wallpaper and Station Numbers will keep your students colorfully organized. Take it a step further with the full Technology Themed Decor for the Computer Lab Bundle to really pull your whole room together.

Giant Keyboards

My Giant Keyboard for the Computer Lab looks like this.
Here’s another version. We’ve seen papers like these pasted to the tops of black or white take-out containers as well for a three-dimensional effect.
One teacher in our Facebook community was given several of these small keyboard posters. They got some plastic sign holders for each table then put two posters in each one back to back (so that they can be seen from either side of the table). They have a large keyboard poster on the wall, too, but like having them for each table as well. It also gives her the ability to easily remove or place them on tables as needed.

Send a Message

The board was the background for a project where the 7th and 8th grade students created a website for them self as a digital portfolio and meaningful way of establishing a positive digital footprint, using Weebly or WordPress.

Computer Lab Bulletin Board Overload

Bulletin boards have been an integral part of school walls for ages. Some teachers love them while others hate having one more thing to do. However you think of them, we hope that these bulletin boards we found shared by our Facebook community and elsewhere around the internet motivate you to try something new for your next display!

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