Educational Games You Want Your Kids to Get Hooked On

Kids love technology – especially when it’s fun. There are so many options for various grades and subjects. You can set up apps on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone. You may even be required by school to do some kind of online game or practice with your kids at home via or Starfall. As with any type of game or application, it’s import to monitor your kids games, because even though these are fun and educational, they may not always choose the most challenging educational game to get hooked on. Encourage your kids to be challenged, and maybe even compete with them to encourage all kinds
of learning.
Below I’ve arranged the websites and games by subject, grade, or type of educational website.

First up, are the big major educational game websites.

ABCya has games for math, reading, letters, strategy, and all
kinds of random information. The games range from PreK-5th grade. The games can
be played on a laptop or iPhone. Kids even in to middle school seem to enjoy
beating these games when they can. The downside of ABCya is that it isn’t
always the best match for other subjects like science or social studies, but
kids have a ball with it.
RoomRecess has similar games to ABCya for Kindergarten through 6th
grade in math, reading, and technology. Some of the highlights are that they
have mouse skills and typing games. It’s amazing how many kids have never used
a mouse. RoomRecess does not have an iOS app, but they have a whole list of
games that can be played on a mobile device here:
Digipuzzle is another major educational game website. It covers a
lot of different skills and subjects, mostly around math and reading, but they
don’t really have the games arranged by age or grade, that could be frustrating
for a kid and teacher.
PBSkids has all kinds of apps, stories, and games for elementary
aged kids. Their game section covers science, math, reading, creativity,
literacy, music, AND social emotional! They have a TON of apps to choose from
in the app store!
Starfall is a popular website and application for very young
children just learning to read and do math. It you’re a parent, there are a lot
of free apps with games for younger kids to learn to read, recognize letters
and sight words, as well as basic math skills.
Brain Pop and BrainPop Jr. are again a conglomeration of games,
but these range from Kindergarten to 12th grade and cover pretty much every
subject. BrainPop has apps and games for every subject and uses Common Core
Standards to create its games. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,
BrainPop require a subscription to access everything, but the free stuff is
still fun!  
Okay! Now that I’ve covered some of the major educational games
and applications, let me give you EVEN MORE! There are so many subject and age
specific games that you can find, but let me help you a bit:

For math:

  • has over 1000
    free math games for Kindergarten through 12th grade. And, yep, there’s an
  • is a great source
    for middle school and high school math. It uses sport and practical skills
    to help kids understand money better.
  • is for first
    through 8th grade, and has a free and paid versions. There also is an iOS
    application for the math games!
  • Geoboard is a cool
    application that helps kids understand shapes!

 For Technology/Coding

Language/Social Studies

  • is great for
    geography tests and skills.
  • Duolingo is a great app
    for language.
  • Mindsnacks are even more fun
    than Duolingo for language, but costs about $4 per games.
  • Gus On the Go is a language
    application for young kids, but also costs to install on a tablet or smart

Social emotional/mindfulness

  • Headspace is a great app
    that is subscription based, and they have mindfulness training for kids!
  • Three Good Things is a super easy
    app that help you to keep track of the good things that happen through the
    day. It’s less of a game, and more of a daily journal, but it’s great for
    helping kids be more aware of what good is happening around them.
I hope that these games are what you’ve been looking for to get your kids learning all the time everywhere!

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