Technology Tools for Fun and Easy ELA Test Prep

Preparing students for their standardized state tests doesn’t have to be terribly boring and use a whole tree worth of paper. Over the years helping 5th grade students prepare for their science state test in North Carolina, I have come across some amazing online resources for ELA that I want to share with you.

I chose the best 3 because I know your time is limited and you need to work on other test taking skills and subjects with your classes.

  1. Prepdog has common core quizzes for grades K-8. You can have students take a test in a specific standard for ELA, or let them choose what they practice. One of my favorite things about using Prepdog is that it requires students to choose their answer by selecting it from a drop down menu. This is an important skill to practice if your students have to take their standardized tests on the computer.
  2. Pearsonlongman is another great technology tool for test prep. The reading tests have passages for students to read and then multiple choice comprehension questions to answer. This site has students click on a radio button to select their answer. The reading passages and questions are separated so students also have to navigate the page to find which questions and passages go together. Great practice!
  3. Lumos Learning is my third recommendation. There is a sample question for each of the common core standards and topics. So, for 5th grade there are 41 sample questions! Students select an answer choice and then check to see whether or not it is correct. There is even an answer explanation if they were wrong.

Bonus resource if you need to practice with bubble sheets but want the questions to be online. Testprepreview has you covered.

While I shared these resources for 5th graders, each of these sites has options for the other elementary grades, too. What are some of your favorite websites for test prep?


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