5 Tips to Quit Your Social Media Addiction

5 Tips to Quit Your Social Media Addiction
Are you ready for a challenge?
The past few weeks I’ve been sharing the negative consequences of too much social media time. Now, it is time for a detox. Will you join me?
Now you know the negative impact social
media could be having on your life, the question is how do you stop? Social
media addiction is a real issue in today’s society. Like any addiction, it can
be pretty tough to break a social media habit.
However, the good news is, there are
lots of tips you can follow to make quitting your addiction easier. Here,
you’ll discover just 5 tips to quit your social media addiction.

1. Switch Off Notifications

It’s going to be pretty tough to cut
back your social media use if you keep getting notifications. While
notifications on the actual apps aren’t necessarily a problem, the push
notifications you get on your phone are.
Think about it, you’re minding your own
business, then you get a push notification telling you a friend or family
member has posted something. The likelihood is, you’re going to stop whatever
you’re doing and quickly check what’s new.
Without notifications, you’ll find you check
your social media accounts a lot less frequently. 

2. Aim to Quit Gradually

Like any addiction, the key to success
is gradually reducing your social media use. If you attempt to go cold turkey,
you’ll find it much harder to resist. However, cutting back gradually will make
it much easier.
You can reduce your social media usage
in a number of ways. Setting specific time slots where you can check your
accounts for example, is a good start.

3. Find A New Hobby

You’re going to need something to
distract you with the free time you’re going to have. So, the best thing to do
is to find a new hobby.
Is there something you’ve always wanted
to try? If so, do it now. Finding a hobby you can immerse yourself into will
definitely encourage you to spend less time online.
5 Tips to Quit Your Social Media Addiction

4. Use It With Good

When used correctly, social media can
have positive effects on he health. It’s the pointless scrolling, attention
seeking posts and the comparing ourselves to others which do us no favors! So,
start using social media only with good intentions.
This could mean using it to check in
with friends and family who live far away. Or, it could be you’ll use it to set
up an event for everyone to get together.

5. Consider What Your Posts
Are Achieving

When it comes to posting on social
media, it helps to think before you make a post. Why are you making the post?
Is it to get attention because you’re bored? If so, rather than post on social
media, call a friend.
Think about why you’re posting and what
alternative behaviors you could follow to get the same outcome. 
It can be difficult to break a social
media habit. However, the 5 tips above will definitely make it a lot easier!

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