8 Things You Can Do Instead of Social Media

8 Things You Can Do Instead of Social Media
Giving up or cutting back on social media isn’t easy. When you’re used to checking your smartphone constantly throughout the day, the habit can be pretty tough to break.
This is especially true if you don’t have anything else to fill the time you’d usually spend on social media.
However, there’s actually a LOT of things you could be doing besides social media. Here, you’ll discover 8 of the best alternatives ways to better spend your time.

1.) Catch Up With Friends

Instead of messaging and interacting with your friends on social media, go and see them! In-person interaction is so much more rewarding than online interaction. So, arrange to meet up and grab a coffee or watch a movie – you’ll enjoy it so much more!

2.) Read A Book

Reading a book can be really relaxing and more importantly, it gives your eyes a screen break. Spending too much time staring at a screen definitely isn’t good for you! So, take a break, read a book and broaden the mind.
8 Things You Can Do Instead of Social Media

3.) Meditate

Meditation is extremely beneficial for your mental health. It’s also an awesome stress reliever. You don’t need to meditate for hours. Even just 5 minutes a day can do wonders for the mind.

4.) Do A Puzzle

Why not get your brain working and do a puzzle? You can buy puzzle books with a variety of puzzles to test the brain. It’s definitely better than wasting brain cells staring at a screen.

5.) Exercise

It may not sound like fun, but you’re going to feel so much better after doing exercise. Social media is known to encourage inactivity. So, get up, get moving and help yourself get healthier and happier.
8 Things You Can Do Instead of Social Media

6.) Listen to Music

Music has the power to instantly lift the mood. It distracts you from your everyday life, eases stress and can make you feel energized. So, throw on your favorite tunes or discover new artists.
8 Things You Can Do Instead of Social Media

7.) Take A Walk

Getting out into nature is great for your wellbeing. It’s easy to forget about the real world around you when you’re immersed in a digital world. So, take a walk to your local park, or even just around the block. See how much better you feel afterwards.

8.) Do Something Productive

Last but not least, you can use your free time to do something productive. If you constantly seem to waste most of your time on social media, stop the cycle and make a list of things that need to be done. Use your time to complete these tasks instead.
8 Things You Can Do Instead of Social Media
These are just 8 things you can do instead of social media. The truth is, there’s literally hundreds of alternative ways to spend your time other than browsing on a screen.
So, the next time you feel compelled to check your social media account, do one of the ideas above.    

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