5 Benefits of Cutting Back on Social Media

5 Benefits of Cutting Back on Social Media
When you’re so accustomed to using
social media on a daily basis, cutting back can prove to be really difficult.
However, it can help to remind yourself of the reasons you want to cut down,
along with the benefits it will bring.
To give you some much-needed motivation,
here you’ll discover just 5 benefits of cutting back your social media use.

1. You’ll Get A Better
Night’s Sleep

The Bank of America carried out a survey
which questioned 1,000 adults in the US. It revealed that 71% of respondents
sleep next to, or with their smartphone.
The National Sleep Foundation claims
that the blue light which is emitted from your phone, could be keeping you
awake for longer.
This is because the blue light messes
with melatonin production within the body. It is this which is responsible for
helping you to fall asleep. So, cut back on your social media use in bed and
you should find it easier to fall asleep.

2. You’ll Stop Comparing
Yourself to Others

One of the biggest negatives of social
media, is that it often causes us to compare ourselves to others. We see how
well our friends, family and colleagues are doing and it can make us feel
envious and like we’re not doing as well.
Comparing yourself to others is damaging
to your mental health. When you cut back your social media usage, you’ll be
amazed how much happier and relaxed you feel because you aren’t comparing
yourself to anyone else.

3. You’ll Have More Free

It’s estimated the average person spends
around two hours every day checking their social media accounts. That’s a lot
of time that you’re never going to get back! Not to mention the fact that
wasting time on social media can leave you feeling terrible.
By cutting back, you’ll have a lot more
free time to spend doing something productive. You could even use the time to pamper
yourself and do something you enjoy.
5 Benefits of Cutting Back on Social Media

4. You’ll Enjoy Life More

When you aren’t caught up in social
media, you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy life a lot more.
So many people don’t realize that they
spend more time worrying about posting what they’re doing on their social media
channels, that they don’t actually enjoy what they’re doing.
They certainly don’t appreciate it as
much as they would without the social media distraction.

5. It Could Reduce Anxiety
and Depression

While there’s no way to tell whether
social media causes anxiety and depression, it is definitely linked to mental
health issues. By cutting yourself off from social media, you may find you feel
a lot more relaxed, happier and less anxious.
These are just 5 benefits of cutting
back your social media use. It won’t be easy, especially if you’re used to
checking in to your accounts frequently. However, the benefits are definitely
worth holding out for.   

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