Is Too Much Social Media Bad for Our Health?

Is Too Much Social Media Bad for Our Health?
We all know how much I love educational technology. I get so excited about new tech tools to try, programming robots to use, and teaching students to be conscious digital citizens. With all of this great technology comes challenges too, though. In this blog series about Social Media Detox, I’m hoping to bring to light some of the consequences of unchecked social media usage. 
It is something that impacts both adults and kids so it is becoming critically important to build positive habits from an early age. 
Are you one of the 3 billion people who use social media every single
day? If so, it could be having a seriously negative impact on your health.
It’s thought that around 40% of the world’s population now uses social
media. While there’s no denying it comes with some pretty great benefits, users
also need to be aware of the negative impact it could be having on their health
well being.
Here, we’ll look at the downsides of too much social media and how it
could be impacting your health.

The Impact of Social Media On Mental Health

There’s been a lot of research carried out over the past few years,
which has shown excessive social media use can lead to mental health issues.
It’s been linked to an increase in depression, anxiety, stress and eating
There’s a number of reasons social media can trigger mental health
issues. Firstly, although you’re interacting digitally with friends and family,
it’s not the same as in-person interaction. This means you can often end up
feeling isolated and lonely.
It’s also common to feel envious of others when you’re browsing your
social media feed. Comparing yourself to how others are doing is only going to make
you feel bad if it appears you’re not doing as well as they are.

Could It Be Affecting Your Physical Health Too?

While the mental health effects of social media are pretty well known,
many people are unaware of the physical effects it can have.
The more you use social media, the less active you’re going to be. This
means your cardiovascular health is going to suffer, you’ll potentially gain
weight and it also increases the chances of developing a serious illness if
you’re not active enough.
So, the physical effects can be pretty serious if you’re addicted to
social media.
Is Too Much Social Media Bad for Our Health?

Trouble Sleeping? It Could Be Social Media!

The majority of adults have difficulty sleeping, but could it be down to
your social media use? Well, if you tend to lay in bed checking your social
media before you go to sleep, the answer is yes.
Looking at a screen and communicating with people on social media right
before bed, is sure to negatively impact your sleep.
Is Too Much Social Media Bad for Our Health?
Your brain will be more active, making it more difficult to actually
fall asleep. It’s also known that the blue light emitted from smartphone and
tablet screens, can interrupt sleep patterns.
So, like anything in life, too much social media can prove to be harmful
to your health. Many of us have become reliant on social media without even
realizing it.
Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your health and live a happier
life, the answer could be to cut back on your social media use. 

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