Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom

Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom #SonyKoov

One of the coolest parts of the job as a tech teacher is getting to test out robots. In this blog post I’m going to tell you all about KOOV from Sony. They are paying me to write this blog post, but all of the opinions are my own. I really think it will make a great addition to any STEM or Computer Lab classroom. 

Features of KOOV

First I want to tell you about the KOOV Trial Kit. They also have an Educator Kit that includes more parts, but the Trial Kit can definitely get you started and see if it is a good fit for your classroom. 

One of the things that sets KOOV apart from other coding kits is that students can actually build with it! The kit comes with KOOV blocks in 7 different shapes and 7 different colors, which is ideal for learning about 3D building. 

Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom #SonyKoov

To help students learn the fundamentals of coding, there are these sensors that can be programmed. The kit comes with 5 sensors that include LEDs, a buzzer, IR Photoreflector, motors, and the KOOV Core. This combo is perfect for building models that can interact with their surroundings. 

Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom #SonyKoov

In addition to all of the physical pieces, there is a great app with a user-friendly interface that makes it perfect for elementary students. Students use the drag and drop coding blocks to program the sensors, so it should be a familiar experience to other coding programs we use. It is the same app that is available in the full Educator’s Kit. 

Using KOOV in the Elementary Classroom

The app has everything you need to code your KOOV. I love that they made options for Chromebooks, Windows devices, and IOS. This makes is so versatile for all of our unique setups.
Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom #SonyKoov

Interested in 9 Digital STEM Challenges to go along with KOOV? There is a file in the TRY section of my Free Resource Library that you can use with students. Just sign up for a free account and then navigate to the “Activities to TRY” area and look for the picture of KOOV to find the activity. 

Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom #SonyKoov

You know I’m always talking about ways to bring collaboration into the tech lab. When we think of coding, sometimes the image that pops into our mind is someone with noise canceling headphones working for hours over his/her laptop. That doesn’t appear very collaborative. 

That is why I love this next generation of classroom coding kits. They practically require collaboration and problem solving skills. Students can work through the challenges together until they get it right. 

Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom #SonyKoov

The digital STEM challenges I provided really only go over the very basic commands that are possible with KOOV. There is so much more to do using the 3D building blocks that the possibilities are nearly limitless. 


I’m pulling the Q&A directly from the KOOV website

Can children use KOOV on their own?
Yes. The KOOV app was developed so that children can learn while playing on their own, as it explains the way to build blocks and coding in a concise and intuitive manner.
Can I enjoy KOOV even though I don’t know how to code?
Yes. KOOV uses visual programming so that even beginners can quickly understand how to code. In the Learning Course, students learn how to build robots and how to code step-by-step, so that without previous experience they can learn while having fun. In Robot Recipes, we have pre-coded and pre-designed a wide range of run robots so that even beginners can instantly start enjoying KOOV.
In which countries is KOOV available?
The Educator Kit and Trial Kit are available to ship only to residents of the USA although KOOV is sold in both Japan and China. These products may not be shipped to purchasers located in the state of Washington.
Do I need anything to use KOOV?
You will need three 1.5V AA/LR6 alkaline batteries, a Phillips screwdriver and a compatible operating environment to run the KOOV app.
How can I contact the KOOV team if I have any questions?
For technical questions, contact us at  To speak with someone directly, call 1-866-935-7665 M-F from 7am-5pm.  For all other questions contact us at KOOV@sony.comWe are happy to answer any questions you may have.
What is STEAM and how does KOOV teach kids about STEAM?
STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Through KOOVs Learning Course, we provide children with over 50 hours of engaging STEAM content, working as an introduction for many kids to these exciting fields.
What operating systems is KOOV compatible with?
Windows: 7/8.1/10 64bit
Mac OS: 10.8 and above
iOS: iOS 10 and above, iPads made in 2013 or later
Chrome OS
How does KOOV connect with my computer?
Via Bluetooth and direct USB on Mac, IPad, Windows and Chromebooks devices..
How long do KOOV robots last on batteries?
This really depends on the number of sensor and actuators that you use. The Alligator can work for several days without new batteries, while a robot with two DC motors running continuously can last for around 45 minutes.
Can KOOV be used offline?
Offline options are available.
Is the software free?

There are no additional charges for the KOOV App, Classroom Management software or for student logins/licenses.

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New information about the First Annual Sony KOOV Challenge

In March 2020 Sony will host the First Annual Sony KOOV Challenge in the USA. To sign up to participate in the challenge, please go please go HERE



Using the KOOV Kit in the Elementary Classroom #SonyKoov

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