What do you mean I have 50 Kindergarten Students?

If you’ve been reading my posts this summer then you know I found out in the spring that the funding for my technology teaching position was cut. This led to me looking for positions at other schools. I landed one after 4 interviews and I just found out my new assignment: Kindergarten and First Grade!

What do you mean I have 50 kindergarten students?

I will be teaching in a non-traditional setting, supporting homeschooling parents, so I will have 50 students assigned to me. The curriculum is already set up in a learning management system, and the parent, or “learning coach” will log in, print off the day’s assignments, and work through them with his/her child. When they finish the assignments, I receive copies to assess. I will look for deficiencies and provide extra support where needed – times 50.

I am really excited about this job. I love using technology to teach, and each of my students will have access to technology daily. While we don’t want 5-7 year olds on the computers for hours, as teachers we understand how engaging online interactive resources can be. The school has subscriptions for tons of websites and I am eager to dig in to these resources.

This school year will be very different for me. I will keep you up to date on how it goes. Until then, I have 50 “Welcome Calls” to make so I better get moving!

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