Technology Pinterest Boards to Follow

I love Pinterest. I’ve been known to scroll through Pinterest all evening while “watching tv” with my husband. I’m also very visual, so the layout just works for me. 

In all of the time I’ve been scrolling, I’ve found some phenomenal technology pinterest boards that I want to share with you. The theme will be boards for technology resources for teachers. 

1. Technology Coordinator by Julie Zacarias 
Her board is FULL of great ideas for both tech teachers and classroom teachers. 
2. Educational Technology Tips and Ideas by Bonny Skutch 
Her tips are fantastic for ANY teacher.
3. Digital Learning by Michele
This board has so many great resources for integrating technology into the content areas.
4. Technology by Laurie Phillips
This board has something for everyone. 
5. Computers by Becky Buckley
This board is a great resource for technology teachers, with everything from classroom management ideas to lesson resources. 
6. Computer Skills by Amy Carriker
Her board has lots of Pins that I haven’t seen before. Great for a new technology teacher. 
7. Technology in Education by Laura Candler
I actually went to a PD session by Laura and she was so inspirational. This board is a fantastic array of tech resources for teachers. 
8. My Technology Lab Classroom by Brittany Washburn (Hey, that’s me)
This is THE board for tech teachers at the elementary level. I try to include everything a tech teacher needs to get set up and teach awesome lessons. 

So that’s my list. I hope you can find some awesome resources from these boards. Let me know in the comments if you’ve found (or made) a great tech board that I didn’t list here. 


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