50 Things Students can Create with Technology

50 Things Students can Create with Technology

As teachers, we have an incredible opportunity to harness the power of technology and equip our students with the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century. One area where technology truly shines is in providing students with the means to showcase their knowledge and creativity through digital tools and devices.

Gone are the days of traditional assessments that limit students to pen and paper. Instead, we can empower our young learners to leverage a plethora of digital resources and platforms, allowing them to express their understanding and showcase their talents in ways never before imaginable. By embracing these digital tools, we can cultivate an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and a genuine love for learning.

By incorporating these digital tasks into our teaching repertoire, we empower students to become active creators rather than passive consumers of information. We open doors to authentic learning experiences that foster collaboration, digital literacy, and future-ready skills.

50 things that can be created using technology

  1. Stories
  2. Poems
  3. Presentations
  4. Videos
  5. Games
  6. Interactive simulations
  7. Digital art
  8. Music
  9. Code
  10. Websites
  11. Blogs
  12. Podcasts
  13. E-books
  14. Quizzes
  15. Surveys
  16. Data visualizations
  17. 3D models
  18. Virtual reality experiences
  19. Artificial intelligence applications
  20. Augmented reality projects
  21. Mobile apps
  22. Computer animations
  23. Digital comics
  24. Computer-generated imagery (CGI)
  25. Computer-aided design (CAD) models
  26. Robotics projects
  27. Digital portfolios
  28. Online courses or tutorials
  29. Social media campaigns
  30. Digital photography
  31. Digital scrapbooks
  32. Online newsletters
  33. Interactive timelines
  34. Computer-generated music
  35. Digital marketing campaigns
  36. Virtual field trips
  37. Online exhibitions
  38. E-learning platforms
  39. Video game mods or levels
  40. Interactive infographics
  41. Digital storyboards
  42. Online fundraising campaigns
  43. Virtual presentations or speeches
  44. Data analysis projects
  45. Computer-generated simulations
  46. Computer-generated poetry
  47. Interactive language learning apps
  48. Web-based research projects
  49. Online coding challenges or competitions
  50. Educational video tutorials

50 Things Elementary Students can do with Devices

  1. Create a digital storybook using storytelling apps.
  2. Write and illustrate a digital poem using writing and drawing apps.
  3. Make a simple presentation with pictures and text using presentation software.
  4. Record a short video explaining a concept or sharing knowledge.
  5. Design a basic educational game using game creation tools.
  6. Explore interactive simulations to understand scientific concepts.
  7. Create digital artwork using drawing or painting apps.
  8. Compose a short piece of music using music creation apps.
  9. Solve coding puzzles and complete coding challenges.
  10. Build a basic website using drag-and-drop website builders.
  11. Start a class blog and write posts on different topics.
  12. Record and publish a podcast discussing a subject of interest.
  13. Create a simple e-book with a story or informational content.
  14. Develop quizzes using online quiz-making platforms.
  15. Conduct surveys and analyze data using survey tools.
  16. Create visual representations of data using graphing software.
  17. Build and design 3D models using kid-friendly modeling software.
  18. Take virtual reality tours of historical places or natural wonders.
  19. Use artificial intelligence apps to learn and practice new skills.
  20. Explore augmented reality apps for interactive learning experiences.
  21. Make a drawing or painting using basic drawing apps.
  22. Record short audio clips or songs using music recording apps.
  23. Experiment with coding blocks and create simple programs.
  24. Design a basic webpage with text, images, and links.
  25. Share a short story or informational piece on a class blog.
  26. Create a mini podcast episode discussing a favorite topic.
  27. Make a digital flipbook with illustrations and captions.
  28. Develop fun quizzes or trivia games using online tools.
  29. Conduct a class survey and create simple charts or graphs.
  30. Design a 3D model of a favorite animal or object.
  31. Take a virtual tour of a museum or historical site online.
  32. Use voice recognition tools for language practice or dictation exercises.
  33. Try interactive coloring apps with various themes.
  34. Record and edit a short video explaining a concept or demonstrating a skill.
  35. Build a simple computer game using visual programming tools.
  36. Create a digital poster or infographic on a favorite topic.
  37. Make a digital storyboard for a story or presentation.
  38. Participate in online fundraising campaigns for a cause.
  39. Practice giving a virtual presentation or speech to the class.
  40. Collect and analyze data using simple charts or graphs.
  41. Use interactive simulations to explore science or math concepts.
  42. Create simple rhymes or poems using poetry apps.
  43. Learn and practice vocabulary with interactive language learning apps.
  44. Conduct online research and summarize findings in a report.
  45. Participate in coding challenges or coding competitions online.
  46. Explore educational video tutorials on various subjects.
  47. Create a digital collage using images and stickers.
  48. Make a mini animated video using animation apps.
  49. Build a basic website to showcase artwork or projects.
  50. Use online drawing tools to create digital greeting cards or invitations.

So, teachers, let’s embark on this digital journey together, igniting the passion for knowledge within our students. Let’s embrace the power of technology to unlock their creativity, amplify their voices, and shape them into confident, capable, and adaptable learners of the digital age.

50 Things Students can Create with Technology

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