Technology Teacher Interview Questions

I have shared this story before, but this post seems like the perfect time to say it again. My interview that ended in me landing the tech teacher position was not what I expected. I put my resume in to the school for a 5th grade position (the school had 2 fifth grade openings) and got a call for the interview. When I sat down with the administration team they also let me know that they were hiring for a technology teacher. They saw on my resume that I had just finished my Master’s Degree in Technology Education so they wanted to consider me for the position. Off we went talking about Tech… we didn’t even discuss 5th grade!

Needless to say I hadn’t prepared any good answers to questions about teaching technology as a class. I must have had some good answers though because they hired me later that day to teach technology.

This time of year the topic of interviewing always comes up in the Tech Teacher Talk Facebook Group. Schools are planning ahead and lots of them are adding tech positions.

I’ve organized the common questions into 3 categories. Tech teacher, Tech coach, and STEM lab.

Technology Teacher Position Interview Questions

  1. What are some of your favorite websites/apps to use in your lessons?
  2. Where do you get lesson ideas from?
  3. What learning management systems have you used in the past?
  4. Have you ever led PD on technology?
  5. If given $50,000, what tech would you purchase for your classroom?
  6. How do you see the tech teacher supporting classroom technology integration?
  7. How do you know students are learning? How will you give grades?
  8. Explain how your kindergarten lessons will be different from 5th grade.
  9. Have you written grants for technology?
  10. Can you give any examples of how you have used the 4 Cs in planning lessons?
  11. Do you have experience you can share about using robotics in your lessons?
  12. Explain a lesson you’ve taught about a technology skill or tool.
  13. Do you think students should learn proper keyboarding techniques?
  14. How will you teach about internet safety and digital citizenship?

STEM or STEAM Lab Position Interview Questions

  1. What does success look like to you as a teacher?
  2. How do you know kids are learning?
  3. What does voice and choice mean to you and how do you provide it?
  4. Tell us about a project that required collaborative skills between you and colleagues.
  5. How do you show your thinking process to the students?
  6. Why do you think a STEM education is important for the students?
  7. How will you reach out to and utilize the community resources in order to enhance
    curriculum and student learning?
  8. How will you balance safety and exploration in the lab?
  9. How will you stay current and find your teaching resources?
  10. How do you use the Engineering and Design Process in your teaching or life already?
  11. How will you blend new curriculum into people’s busy schedules?
  12. When it comes to getting kids interested and excited about STEM, what is your biggest challenge or frustration?
  13. If you had an unlimited budget, what would be in your STEM lab?

Technology Coach or Integration Specialist Position Interview Questions

  1. What ideas do you have for implementing the 4 Cs or SAMR Model?
  2. How do you work with teachers resistant to technology?
  3. How do you get admin to support technology integration?
  4. What do you imagine a typical day in this role to look like?
  5. How do you stay up to date on new technology?
  6. If you had 15 minutes to prep a 30 minute PD session, what topic would you choose and how would you teach it?
  7. How have you integrated tech into subject area lessons?
  8. Where do you see classrooms in 5 years?
  9. What conferences on technology have you attended?
  10. How do you model tech integration in your own PD sessions?
  11. What are your expectations for teachers in using tech?
  12. How many teachers do you think you can manage as a coach?

 Questions to Ask During an Interview

1. What tech devices will I have access to?
2. What does the schedule look like? Will I be on the specials rotation?
3. Is there a lab or will I be going into classrooms?
4. Are there specific standards you want me to follow?
5. Is this a certified teacher position in this district?
6. Will I be giving students grades?
7. Will I be expected to deliver PD to teachers?
8. What opportunities for continued education do you give to your teachers?
9. Am I also the one who will fix devices?
Would you add any other questions to the lists?
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