How to use Quizizz in the Classroom


Quizziz is an online tool that allows teachers to conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way for students of all ages.

How to use Quizizz in the Classroom

Quizziz is an online tool that allows teachers to conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way for students of all ages. Teachers incorporate Quizizz into instruction, review, and evaluation to support students in Pre-K through College. 
It’s super simple to learn and completely free to use! After providing students with a unique access code, a quiz can be recorded live as a timed competition or used as homework with a specific deadline. After the quizzes have been completed, students can review their answers. 
Furthermore, the resulting data is compiled into a spreadsheet to give the instructor a clear visual of the students’ performance in order to analyze trends in which areas might need the most focus in the future. This immediate feedback can be used by teachers to revise future learning activities and alter the concentration of material by putting a more significant emphasis on concepts that students are struggling with.

Quizizz has a full library of ready-made quizzes

To play a game on Quizizz, you can either choose from a library of millions of public quizzes, or you can decide to create your own quiz! Once you have picked a quiz, you can conduct it in the classroom with Quizizz live mode or assign it as a homework game for students to practice at their own time. Students can use any device with a browser to join the game, and you get all the data both for individual students or the class as a whole!

How to Use Quizizz

1. Go to and hit “GET STARTED.”
2. If you want to use an existing quiz, you can use the “Search for quizzes” box
and browse. Once you have selected a quiz, skip to step 8. If you want to
create your own quiz, select the “Create” panel, then the “Sign Up” panel and
fill in the form.
3. Enter a name for the quiz and an image if you like. You can also select its
language and make it either public or private.
4. Fill in a question, as well as answers, and be sure to click the “incorrect”
icon next to the correct answer in order to change it to “correct.” You can
also add a corresponding image if you would like.
5. Select “+ New Question” and repeat step 4. Do this until you have made all of
your questions.
6. Hit “Finish” in the top right corner.
7. Select the appropriate grade range, subject(s), and topic(s). You can also add
tags to make it easier to search for.
8. You can either select “PLAY LIVE!” or “HOMEWORK” and choose the desired
9. Students can go to and type in the 6-digit code to
participate in the live quiz or complete the homework. They will be asked to
enter a name to be identified by.
10. Once the students are finished, refresh your page, and you will be able to view
the results of the quiz.

Making your own Quizzes

When it comes to authoring quizzes, Quizizz stands out. A quiz could be created addressing almost any topic. Also, Quizizz doesn’t require projector because players see questions and answer options on their own screens. The question order is randomized for each student, so it’s not easy for players to cheat. You can start a quiz from scratch or copy and edit an existing quiz from their library of quizzes. Each question must be multiple choice and have between two and four possible answers and only one correct answer.
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Quizziz is an online tool that allows teachers to conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way for students of all ages.
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