A one-stop library of technology tools tutorials for teachers. 

Stay up to date on educational technology tools with this premium member’s library. As new tech tools come out, I’m updating the library to include them all the time.
Currently this library includes over 100 technology tools presented in easy-to-follow steps and includes ideas for use with elementary students for each tool.

The sections of the library can be accessed in any sequence you want. Choose a category and then a tech tool to be taken to it’s page. 

Each page has 3 sections. 

  1. Intro to the Tech Tool – this section assumes you’ve never heard of this tool before. It gives an overview of what it is and what it does. 
  2. How to Use – this section is a tutorial. Some tutorials comes with more images than others. If the navigation on the tech tool’s website is challenging, the tutorial will contain more guidance. Otherwise, I tried to keep it as simple and no-nonsense as possible. 
  3. Ideas for Use – this section contains ideas for using this tech tool with students. While the ideas provided are aimed at elementary students, the actual tech tool can probably be used by a much broader age range. 
Technology tools for classroom management
Technology tools to teach tech
Technology tools to present information

As new tech tools come out, I will be adding them to this library. My goal is to continue adding at least 2 new tech tools each month. 

Wondering what you’ll use this for? Here are some ideas:

  1. Teach yourself the latest and greatest tech tools as your own pace. Feel like a pro when it is time to use them with your students. 
  2. Use the tutorials and ideas to guide a PD presentation for the staff at your school. They will really appreciate learning from you. *Reach out to me if you want to use this information for a bigger-scale presentation. 
  3. Get inspiration for lessons to try with your students. These ideas are just the beginning!