Using QR Codes and Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning

Using QR Codes and Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning

Augmented reality software refers to the correct code and software that bridge the space between the real and digital worlds. This can be done by using hardware components to link the digital along with the physical by using software programs. This allows people to create and access animations and digital information which interacts with the real environment.

One way you can do this is via a video camera which uses a movement sensing unit, or an image referred to as a marker. This software is called augmented reality because it combines digital knowledge with the real world. We need this to generate a much more smooth and natural user experience and enhance the use and movement of knowledge.

Using QR Codes and Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning

Augmented reality software

Augmented reality software encompasses a lot of computer programs and possibilities in a variety of different sectors. This software can be used in education and learning, security, business, gaming, art and many more areas. One of several industries for which this particular software will undoubtedly be a significant game changer is cellular marketing. 

Web shopping

Web shopping is one of the fastest developing market sectors and augmented reality software is going to reinvest
in what way people interact and order online fully. By way of example, this specific software can make it possible for consumers to be able to communicate with a real-time image of a product they’re checking out. Which can be done all from the comfort of their house or even on the move. You can also use this particular software within bricks and mortar retailers to increase the consumer’s experience. This will consist of interactive demos of items and also their capabilities that can not be displayed personally in-store. 

Other Augmented Reality applications

Other applications comprise of business and education and learning. With all the current expansion in online learning, this kind of software programs you can use could by teaching experts to have video lectures along with students and allow students to play with 3-dimensional models, stats and all sorts of kinds of other information. This will enable students to interact nearly as well just as if they were in person with the lecturer. This same concept has got great possibilities within the commercial domain also, allowing co-workers to interact with one another and knowledge from diverse corners of the world. This is one incredibly thrilling part of this kind of technology. However, the key obstacle will be developing the computer software that combines the computer hardware, data along with the
actual environment The crucial element to this particular software is the interaction of people, information together with the real world.

One of the most fundamental parts and greatest issues of the software is certainly motion capture in addition to combining digital cameras along with the real world with this kind of software. Making it possible for consumers to interact using the camera by way of gestures and actions easily and naturally is going to be the hallmark of augmented reality software. 

QR Codes

Now I want to share some information about QR codes. You’ve probably seen QR codes in  advertisements and even teaching materials over the past few years. QR stands for quick response and that is a great description of its use.  In my technology lab I have used it for a few different vocabulary activities. One of my favorites was a challenge I set up with riddles about the parts of the computer. Each student had a worksheet and an iPod touch with a QR reader installed. I recommend this QR reader, but just like the AR apps, there are several great ones. The QR codes I created for this activity contained the riddles, then the students had to record their answer on the worksheet. 

Using QR Codes and Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning

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