Top Tech Toys for the Classroom


if you're looking to increase your classroom participants' focus and participation, try tossing a few tech toys into the mix and see what happens.
Top Tech “Toys” for the Classroom
The world of technology is ever-changing. However, many schools use the same tried-and-true methods, utilize the same tools and resources that are old and tired, and are afraid to take chances on new technology. The goal of technology leaders, teachers, and innovators, is to expand students’ minds and their capabilities, by providing them unique experiences to enhance their learning.

Tech toys are very new to the market and are primarily focused on helping kids gain early exposure to STEM fundamentals. Unlike computers and other smart devices, tech toys are designed just for kids. That means they’re often screen-free, and they have inbuilt limitations to prevent activities such as surfing the web.

School is not always the bright, happy place we hope it will be for children. Some kids have difficulty fitting in,
are bullied or may not be able to keep up with the other children academically. Each child learns at their own pace and may benefit from being taught using different methods or resources. Making learning fun by utilizing educational tech toys will benefit children.

Whether it is the classroom or at home, there are many educational tech toys for kids to have fun with and also become educated while using them. Providing young minds with the proper resources and educational toys will do wonders.

Following is a list of top tech toys for the classroom.
1. The CogniToys Dino: This is a Wi-Fi enabled toy that can answer questions on topics such as history, geography, and math – offering a similar interface pattern to personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa. Whereas
Alexa is meant for adults, however, the Dino is meant for kids. That means that it never answers questions that aren’t age-appropriate, and doesn’t give young users unfettered access to the Internet.

2. ATOMS Express Toys: These ATOM Express toys work as plug-n-play sensors, they’re motors and logic blocks for kids which can do amazing things in the classroom. Students can learn better through games, with these ATOMS, kids will be in a position to build their own toys. Kids love playing, and these ATOMS will keep their brains active during classroom hours. It is always good to integrate Gamification technologies in the classroom because it keeps students attentive and it teaches students how to solve puzzles.

3. Codie Robotic Toy: Another robot toy that teaches kids the principles of coding, Codie develops kids’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while unleashing their inner creativity. Kids become makers as they build programs with an intuitive application that’s as imaginative and colorful as the children using it.


4. OS Cubes: Teachers it is time to change to teach your students new ways of solving math problems. This OS Cube tech toy will present your students with various solutions to any equation. These OS Cubes are challenging if you start using them, but once you master the trick behind these math cubes, you will enjoy solving math equations in a creative manner. OS Cubes can be used by both teachers and students.

Children of the next generation are already immersed in technology from the day they are born. With that in mind, teachers’ educational tech toys are starting to come to the forefront of the classroom. So, if you’re looking to increase your classroom participants’ focus and participation, try tossing a few tech toys into the mix and see what happens.
if you're looking to increase your classroom participants' focus and participation, try tossing a few tech toys into the mix and see what happens.
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Brittany Washburn

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