3rd Grade Reading and Language Digital Resource Library

If you’re sick of cleaning up after doing interactive notebook pages (paper scraps, glue sticks, missing pieces, etc.) then you are going to love these DIGITAL reading and language activities for your 3rd grade students.

What is a Digital Resource Library?

In my Google Drive I have folders with the language and reading activities. I’m calling it a digital resource library because all of the resources are digital, and they are arranged for you to be able to quickly choose which topic you want to look at and use.
3rd Grade Reading and Language Digital Resource Library

This is just the Language folder, there are an additional 15 in the Reading folder.

All you have to do is make a copy of each file in the folder (there’s a google extension that makes this really easy) and then they are yours to use with your students. Check out this video for an overview.

Are they Common Core Aligned?

Yes, I used the common core standards as a guide when creating these activities and graphic organizers. There is an alignment guide in each folder. That being said, there are no CCSS indicators in the actual google slides files, so if you don’t use the CCSS you can still use these activities.
Along with this topic, they also don’t have 3rd grade anywhere on them except in the file title. If you rename it you can use it as differentiation for any grade level student(s).
3rd Grade Reading and Language Digital Resource Library

Do I have to have Google Classroom to use this?

No! The folders are on my Google Drive, but the actual activities are in Google Slides, which can easily be downloaded as a PowerPoint file and it doesn’t lose any functionality. All you have to take care of is a way to share the files with your students. Sure, Google Classroom makes it a bit easier to share a file, but there are plenty of other ways. You can even upload them to a password protected page on your class website, or into a learning management system like Edmodo in order for your students to access the files. If you have any questions about this, please ask.

So these are like Interactive Notebooks, but Digital?

Yes, exactly! The Language activities have click and drag, typing, and related online games. The Reading activities are graphic organizers that can be used with ANY text. The best part is that each file has an anchor chart so you could even assign these as homework and the parents would be able to help based on the anchor charts!
3rd Grade Reading and Language Digital Resource Library
3rd Grade Reading and Language Digital Resource Library
So, do you think your students would like to complete their ELA work digitally?
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