The Best End of Year Memory Book with Technology Themed Foldables


End of Year Memory Book - with a Technology Theme  13 Flip-flap activity pieces with technology themed graphics
End of Year Memory Book’s are a great way to wind down the school year with students and give you something to do after state testing is over. I started with writing prompts to get your students reflecting about the school year and where they are going.
I designed the foldables in this lapbook with technology themed graphics. I’ve had a PPT file filled with computer screen, ipad, camera, and other random computer graphics that I use when making worksheets for my own classroom. I decided it is time to share them with all of you!
Here is a photo of all of the graphics included in this resource. I covered my counter top with them. Nearly limitless layout possibilities!

This is one option for how to set it up. With this setup I didn’t have space for the autograph book or either of the writing prompts.

Here are some up close views of the foldables. Imagine the possibilities! Most of these can be turned into nearly everything. In the PDF file I put the “directions” somewhere around most of the foldables (as opposed to right on them) so that you can disregard them if you choose to. I hope you and your students enjoy.

End of Year Memory Book – Paperless Digital E-Book

17 Digital Activity Slides

Cover of Ebook

  • Summer goals
  • Star Moments
  • Field Trip Memories
  • Memories
  • The most important things I learned
  • My greatest improvement
  • Favorite books
  • Favorite Songs
  • Class Best Friends
  • What I want to be when I grow up
  • Adjectives for this year
  • Bucket List
End of Year Memory Book - with a Technology Theme  13 Flip-flap activity pieces with technology themed graphics

Brittany Washburn

Brittany Washburn

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