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Online Research Skills Unit


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Research Skills are critical for today’s students. This complete 7 lesson unit will teach your upper elementary or middle school students everything they need to be successful online researchers. Updated 9/17/17 with an answer key.

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Research Skills are critical for today’s students. This complete unit will teach your upper elementary or middle school students everything they need to be successful online researchers.
The 9 modules include:
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • Evaluate a Website
  • Judging Online Information
  • Putting Info. Together
  • Search Better
  • Search Engines and Strategies
  • Intro to Searching Online
  • Get More Out of Google Search
  • Hidden Features of Google Search

This resource is digital worksheets with questions to answer about these research topics. Each worksheet links to an online interactive learning module, where students can find the answers to the questions. Each lesson should take between 30-45 minutes for a student to complete. This is ideal for a computer lab teacher or media specialist who has access to a class set of computers. If you’re a classroom teacher, check out the laptop cart or sign up for the computer lab.

This is a full crash course in online research and you will have an assessment piece for each lesson. The questions included are “right there” questions. Students can move through the learning modules and find the answers easily. By the end of the complete unit, they will know specific answers for what to do if their search isn’t showing the results they expected, how to cite a source, how to know if a website is a good source, and so much more. This download also includes an editable rubric and standards alignment page.

I use these with 5th grade students. Depending on background experience and expectations, they could be useful for several grade levels of students.

I DO allow these Word documents (digital worksheets) to be uploaded to a password protected page of a teacher website or onto a learning management system like Edmodo, that requires students to log in to access. These worksheets aren’t cute or exciting, but they get the job done when it comes to students learning research skills. When the lesson is done, students can print the worksheet or save it to their file (I recommend saving even if they do print).

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Online Research Skills Unit