Technology Teacher Planning and Data Binder


Map, plan, organize, reflect, and assess with these forms for the technology teacher. Everything you need to get started or get organized with the ISTE® Standards for Students.

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Map, plan, organize, reflect, and assess with these forms for the technology teacher. Everything you need to get started or get organized with the ISTE® Standards for Students.

*Please note, the 2016 referenced on the cover is for the ISTE® Standards update. It does not reflect a school year. There are no dates on these forms.

ISTE Standards for Students, ©2016, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education),iste.org. All rights reserved.

Who is this for?

K-8 (or any combo) Technology Teachers who want help planning, organizing, and assessing their technology curriculum. If you’re a brand new technology teacher, grab my Free Tech Teacher Resource Guide to get started.

What is included?

  • Curriculum map with space for notes/reflections (ideal to share with administrators). The pages in this pack are color coded by standard to help you stay organized. Print and fill in your curriculum plans as the year progresses.
  • Data recording sheet for each standard to keep track of individual student progress. Fill in names and print for each grade level. I keep these in the front of my binder and pull them out (I put them on a clip board) during class. I enter formative assessment data as I watch my students work through the lesson.
  • Technology Skills student progress sheets- for your intermediate students to track their own learning. Intermediate and middle school students are ready to enter their own progress. This could serve as part of a portfolio or use in another way to track their progress. Provided in both print and write, and type and print formats.
  • Planning pages. Each of these pages includes one standard and the I Can Statements that go along with it. Use the page to help you plan ideas for teaching. These pages will help you plan individual lessons or projects. I’ve included 2 formats- print and write, and type and print. Available in 3 files, k-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
  • A collaborative Google Spreadsheet with lesson ideas and key vocabulary.
  • An editable weekly planner.
  • 10 editable binder cover options. Includes 3 binder spine sizes! Bonus editable calendar template in each color.

Why you need this:

No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to planning and assessing technology lessons. If you’re like me you are probably the only Tech teacher at your school. Feel like you have a community again with this resource!

Overall, this binder is something you will use year after year. It will make those unannounced observations a breeze because you will be able to show your goals, your data collection, and your lessons at a glance.

The product download is in a zipped file. It includes 3 PDF files and 6 PPT editable files. If you have any technical issues please find my contact information in the product.

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5 reviews for Technology Teacher Planning and Data Binder

  1. Christine M. (verified owner)

    Such a great resource to keep myself organized while lesson planning. This will be useful while transitioning to the technology classroom (from ELA). Very thorough.

  2. Kelly R. (verified owner)

    I love everything that is included in this binder! It has all the standards and I loved that it had the I Can Statements and ways to tracks students progress. This was very helpful!

  3. Ashley S. (verified owner)

    I am new to the position of teaching technology to our 5th and 6th graders and this was just what I needed to get me organized. I did not have a curriculum to go by since our school curriculum started at 7th grade and I was feeling lost. So thankful for this resource.

  4. Chelsea D. (verified owner)

    This tech teacher planner is AMAZING!!! Such a game changer! It makes planning for me tech lessons stress-free. Love that is ties in with the ISTE standards and provides student friendly statements to use with the objectives. If I could rate it a 10/10 I would! If you are a new technology teacher this is the planner for you!

  5. Erin S. (verified owner)

    I cannot put into words how much this tool has helped measure my technology teaching and thoroughness of instruction. ISTE NETS-S standards can be rather vague, but the I Can statements along with this easy to use planner have completely revitalized how I assess student technology skills. Thank you so much!!

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