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Digital STEM Challenges™ {Monthly Prompts}


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STEM goes digital with these fun and engaging design challenges for each monthly theme. 5 engineering design websites and 60 challenges perfect for grades 3 and up.

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STEM goes digital with these fun and engaging design challenges for each monthly theme. 5 engineering design websites and 60 challenges perfect for grades 3 and up. If you are in a paperless classroom or 1:1 with laptops or Chromebooks then these are ideal for you, but can also be used during computer lab time or with the laptop cart.

We all want our students to master technology tools and use them to create original works. Digital STEM challenges are designed to allow students to explore digital tools while creating something using the steps of the engineering design process. The best part is that nearly every topic and subject area can be incorporated into these challenges, so they can be used as a part of your daily academic activities, not as an extra thing to fit into your schedule.

Table of Contents in the main PDF:

3-5    The Process and how it works

6-10    Introduction to the digital tools that will be used in this resource

10-17  Links to the digital STEM challenge cards on Google Slides and directions for how to access

18-19  Terms of Use and Credits

There are 5 technology tools used in this resource. If you’re a traditional STEM teacher, think of each tech tool as a “material” for building such as popsicle sticks or construction paper.

Each tool has a page in the PDF that describes it for the teacher. I encourage my students to explore the tech tool as they complete the challenges, so I do not do any formal instruction about how to use the tool.

The challenge cards are provided to you as a Google Slides file for each tech tool. If your school uses PowerPoint, simply download the Google Slides as a PowerPoint and share with your students.

The Google Slides file also includes digital journal slides where students answer questions about the design process and their creation.

Each challenge card includes

∙I Can statements based on the ISTE Standards for students

∙The steps of the design process

∙A link to the tech tool

∙12 challenges

You could have students complete one, many, or all of the challenges on the page. They are editable so feel free to change them to meet your needs before sharing the file with your students (there are some holiday prompts that may need to be changed depending on what your school allows). Also included in the file is the digital journal to complete along with the challenges. I have my students duplicate the blank template slide before they start on their challenge. Alternatively, you could print out the journal pages and have students complete them on paper.

When students are finished:

∙Create a class eBook in Google Slides where students each get one slide to insert their final product.

∙Create a Padlet and have students upload their final product.

∙Have a “gallery walk” where students have their final product up on their screen while they walk around to see classmates’ creations.

∙Have students present their final product to the class


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5 reviews for Digital STEM Challenges™ {Monthly Prompts}

  1. Buyer (verified owner)

    We used this when we are virtual. We have been in person this year, but I still make it available for students to do at home. They enjoy it!

  2. Courtney F. (verified owner)

    I used this resource during COVID shut down at the end of the school year. My students were able to complete each assignment and understood the concepts laid out. This was a great resource for working from home.

  3. De N. (verified owner)

    I have used this product over and over. I often go to it for inspiration and reminder of some of the activities I can have students work on. Well done and appreciated.

  4. Jennifer W. (verified owner)

    I love the wide variety of activities for different months and grade levels! I work with students from grades PK-8th so it is great to have something I can vary depending on the level I am working with.

  5. Caitlin S. (verified owner)

    I had to modify a bit for my 2nd graders, but is great to pull out for our short weeks. Students love the STEM challenges! Thank you!

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Digital STEM Challenges™ {Monthly Prompts}