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  • iPad App Activities Tutorials and Task Cards

    If you have iPads to use with your students, want to introduce the default apps, and want students to practice using the apps independently, then this set of tutorials and task cards is for you!
    I often hear that teachers have a class set of iPads and aren’t allowed to add new apps to them. They then think the activities that can be done are very limited. These tutorials and task cards are here to show you all of the possibilities with these 6 default apps that come pre-installed on iPads.
  • UNPLUGGED CODING IN Social Studies – Fire Safety


    Coding meets Social Studies instruction with VoCode! Integrate those robots you have (or turn students into robots) to complete these Fire Safety coding challenges. 3 Options for the activities mean that you can use this with ANY movable Bots and ANY grade level of students. Be sure to check out the images to see which ones are included!