Technology I Can Statements K-5 BUNDLE

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Over 180 Posters of I Can Statements for the ISTE® Technology Standards for Students. Both full page and half page posters are included as well as PDF and PNG options for printing. This is the K-2 and 3-5 sets combined into one download for K-5.

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Introducing the Ultimate Collection of I Can Statements Posters for ISTE® Technology Standards for Students!

Are you a dedicated technology teacher who strives to engage and empower your students with the latest digital skills? Look no further! We have the perfect resource to enhance your teaching experience and make your classroom visually captivating. Imagine transforming your computer or technology lab into an inspiring environment with colorful posters showcasing all seven ISTE® Standards. These visually appealing displays will not only beautify your space but also serve as an effective organization tool. Alternatively, you can utilize a pocket chart and selectively display the statements that align with your current teaching focus, promoting a targeted and engaging learning experience.

Our comprehensive package includes over 180 I Can Statements posters, designed specifically for the ISTE® Technology Standards for students. With both full page and half page options, as well as PDF and PNG formats for easy printing, you’ll have the flexibility to choose the perfect display style for your classroom.

But why do you, as a technology teacher, need these I Can Statements posters? Extensive research has shown that students thrive when they understand the objectives of their learning. By prominently featuring an I Can Statement on your classroom wall for each lesson and actively discussing its meaning, you empower your students to articulate what they are learning and have learned. While you could manually write these statements on the board, our professionally designed posters save you valuable time and effort. Additionally, they may even spark new lesson ideas and ignite your creativity.

Remember, the ISTE Standards for Students are internationally recognized and endorsed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®). These standards set the benchmark for technology skills and empower students to become confident digital citizens.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your teaching and captivate your students’ imaginations. Join the growing community of technology teachers who are revolutionizing education with the ISTE® Technology Standards for Students.

Download your copy of the K-5 combined set today and embark on a transformative journey of educational excellence!

ISTE Standards for Students, ©2016, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education), iste.org. All rights reserved.

Who is this for?

Technology Teachers who teach grades K-5 and use the ISTE® Standards

What is included?

You’ll receive a PDF download that contains a link to a google folder of the files.

This amazing resource includes over 180 I Can Statements posters for the ISTE® Standards for students. These are perfect to put up in a computer or technology lab.

All Seven Standards included are on colorful posters to help you organize your display. Another idea for putting these up is to use a pocket chart and only put out the statements that apply to your current teaching.

Why a technology teacher needs these:

Research has shown that students need to be able to tell what they are learning. By having an I Can Statement posted on the wall during every lesson, (and talking about what it says) students are more likely to be able to express what they are learning and what they have learned. Sure you could hand write your I Can statement on the board for each lesson, but then you have to come up with the wording. These are done for you and will save you time and effort. Plus, they may even inspire some lesson ideas!

Copyright Brittany Washburn 2016. One Classroom Use License.


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5 reviews for Technology I Can Statements K-5 BUNDLE

  1. Sharon W. (verified owner)

    I used parts of this resource in my own digital citizenship lesson. Students especially enjoyed the “I can” statements. I think it gave them a feeling of purpose and ownership in their learning.

  2. Valentina J. (verified owner)

    I love the Technology I Can Statements. They are aligned with the standards and it saves me the time of creating them myself. I love that you have two choices of size. Great Job Brittany & Thank you for sharing with the world!

  3. Amanda N. (verified owner)

    This saves me SO much room on my whiteboard and SO much time! I have these in a binder and I find the standards for the grade level and hang them on a hook on my board. So easy and they look so professional!

  4. Blythe M. (verified owner)

    These are wonderful! My students know exactly what the objectives are and they often refer to them as we are working through a skill!

  5. Jennifer T. (verified owner)

    I needed to get I can statements up for all of the grades I teach (K-5) easily. This resource totally saved me. I was able to create a space on a wall and get the statements up quickly. As I changed topics, I was able to easily change the I can statements. If we were working on a couple of things at the same time, I could add additional I can statements. This has saved me so much time. Thank you!

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