Passwords eBook


Introduce a lesson on Digital Citizenship with this eBook that goes over Passwords. In this booklet students learn about what passwords are and how to make a strong password.


Introduce a lesson on Digital Citizenship with this eBook that goes over Passwords. In this booklet students learn about what passwords are and how to make a strong password. Share the PDF with students for a paperless experience or print the nonfiction text out as a booklet.

In the file you’ll find:

  1.  Instructions for printing – if you want physical copies of the eBooks
  2.  Comprehension questions (2 to a page and full-page options)
  3.  Vocabulary for this eBook
  4.  Higher order thinking questions to ask after reading
  5.  3 graphic organizers that can be used with the text (provided in PDF for printing and as PNG files that can be loaded into Seesaw or Google Slides for students to type their answers)
  6. 2 Levels of the PDF eBook. Level 1 is meant to be simpler to understand for younger students and level 2 includes more details and higher level vocabulary for upper elementary or middle school students.

The PDF is designed to be used like an eBook, so you can project it onto your whiteboard and/or share it as a PDF in your learning management system for students to read through independently. The level 1 version should probably be read aloud to younger students due to the technical terminology.


  • Password
  • Information
  • Account
  • Secret
  • Symbols
  • Password strength


  •  Whole-group introduction to this topic or a related lesson.
  •  Wrap-up activity when you have a few extra minutes.
  •  Full lesson with the book, vocabulary cards, graphic organizers, and questions.
  •  Back up plan for days that the internet doesn’t cooperate.
  •  Sub plans.

PLEASE NOTE that if you subscribe to my k5tech.net curriculum, the eBook is included already as an embedded Flipbook in the lesson page. The graphic organizers, vocab, and comprehension questions are not included, so if you want them and the booklet in PDF format then this is how to get them.

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