Digital Citizenship Strategies Posters Bulletin Board


Teach and review digital citizenship and media literacy strategies with this set of 30 posters that can be used as a bulletin board or display. Stylish yet academic posters, with both color and black and white options. Just print and set up!
What is included?
  • 1 PDF
  • 30 color posters
  • 30 black and white posters


Teach and review digital citizenship and media literacy strategies with this set of 30 posters that can be used as a bulletin board or display. Stylish yet academic posters, with both color and black and white options. Just print and set up!
What is included?
  • 1 PDF
  • 30 color posters
  • 30 black and white posters
Poster content:
1. Be respectful online: Treat others with kindness and respect, just as you would in person.
2. Protect your personal information: Never share your full name, address, phone number, or other personal details online without permission from a trusted adult.
3. Think before you post: Consider the consequences of your online actions and remember that what you share can have a lasting impact.
4. Keep passwords private: Don’t share your passwords with anyone except your parents or guardians.
5. Be mindful of online friends: Only add or chat with people you know in real life and avoid accepting friend requests from strangers.
6. Recognize fake news: Learn to identify unreliable or false information by fact-checking with trusted sources.
7. Respect copyright: Don’t use or share others’ work (such as images, videos, or text) without permission or proper attribution.
8. Ask for permission: Always ask for permission before using someone else’s work, including images, videos, or text.
9. Report and block: If someone online makes you feel uncomfortable or if you encounter inappropriate content, report it to a trusted adult and block the person or site.
10. Be critical of advertisements: Understand that ads are designed to persuade you, and question their claims or intentions.
11. Be a responsible digital citizen: Use technology and the internet in a positive, constructive, and ethical manner.
12. Balance screen time: Limit the amount of time spent on devices and ensure a healthy balance with other activities.
13. Be a good online bystander: If you see someone being cyberbullied or mistreated online, don’t participate, and instead support the person being targeted.
14. Protect your online reputation: Be mindful of what you post online as it can affect your future opportunities and relationships.
15. Understand online privacy settings: Learn how to adjust privacy settings on social media platforms and online accounts to control who can see your information.
16. Be cautious with downloads: Only download files from trusted sources and scan them for viruses or malware before opening.
17. Be aware of online scams: Learn to recognize and avoid online scams, such as phishing emails or fraudulent websites.
18. Be a responsible online gamer: Follow game rules, be respectful to other players, and avoid sharing personal information while gaming.
19. Be mindful of your digital footprint: Understand that everything you do online leaves a digital trail that can be traced back to you.
20. Ask for help: If you come across something online that confuses or upsets you, ask a trusted adult for guidance and support.
21. Understand the consequences of cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is hurtful and unacceptable. Remember that your online actions can have real-world consequences.
22. Be skeptical of online offers or requests for money: Avoid sharing financial information or sending money to unknown individuals or organizations online.
23. Seek reliable sources: Learn to identify credible and trustworthy sources for information and research.
24. Use strong and unique passwords: Create passwords that are difficult to guess and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.
25. Be aware of the impact of social media: Understand that what you post on social media can be seen by many people and may be difficult to delete or undo.
26. Practice good netiquette: Follow polite and respectful behavior online, including using appropriate language and refraining from cyberbullying or trolling.
27. Discuss online experiences with trusted adults: Keep open lines of communication with parents or guardians about your online activities and any concerns you may have.
28. Understand digital footprints: Learn that your online activities can be tracked and leave a permanent record, impacting your online reputation.
29. Be cautious of online quizzes and surveys: Avoid sharing personal information in online quizzes or surveys unless you are certain of their legitimacy.
30. Be an upstander, not a bystander: Stand up against online harassment or bullying by supporting the person being targeted and reporting the behavior.
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