Are you ready to take your digital product creation to the next level?

I’m Brittany Washburn and I’ve been making digital resources for over six years.

Technology has changed a lot in that time, and so have students’ expectations for what they can do with technology.

Students (and teachers) want colorful, engaging, self-checking digital activities that work in any browser and on any device. 

There are some major limitations to the options out there currently for making digital activities for the classroom. I’ve spent the last 3 years finding and perfecting the solution. All you need is a WordPress site to get started!

Check out some of the activity types that can be made!

Learn how to Make and Sell Digital Activities from your own WordPress site!

  • Must have a self-hosted wordpress site.
  • These activities are NOT Google Slides or Boom cards. They are HTML5 built right onto your server with H5P. I promise it is way easier than it sounds once you have the right set of plugins and my instructions. 
  • I’ll teach you the logistics of how to set everything up to sell to teachers to use with their students. 
  • I’ll teach you where to find the best clip art with TOU that allows for digital use. 
  • Able to do with free plugins but optional paid plugins are also suggested to give more functionality.
  • See the Q&A section below for more details!

Here is the course outline:

Check out some of the activities I’ve created to get the full picture of how amazing this could be for your students:


QUESTION: What are the benefits of HTML5 activities with H5P over Google Slides or Boom Cards?

ANSWER: HTML5 works in any browser and on any device. Students do not need an account with the PDF version I share in the course. Students’ answers are verified immediately and they can retry as many times as needed until they complete the activity correctly. There are way more activity types available. Building the activities right onto your own site and server gives you complete control. 

QUESTION: Is the process you teach in the course simpler than making Google Slides or Boom Card activities?

ANSWER: The process is comparable. Digital pieces still need to be made that follow the clip art terms of use (though I suggest 3 clip artists that make moveable pieces that don’t need to be layered). 

QUESTION: Do these activities collect student data and provide teachers with a report? 

ANSWER: No. The self-checking activities can be considered Mastery activities, as in students keep working until they get it completely correct. There are no individual student accounts and therefore no way to track student progress in the style of a report. Instead, the teacher would be able to check off a yes or no for whether or not a student completed the activity. 

QUESTION: Do you have sample activities I can look at?

ANSWER: Look at the yellow section above. There are buttons to 5 different pages on my site that have the activities built onto them. These are the sample activities so you can envision what you’ll be able to create and how the pages can be built. These pages are “student view” so you’re seeing exactly what students see. 

QUESTION: Can teachers integrate these activities into their LMS?

ANSWER: A teacher could make an assignment within any LMS that links to the page(s) on your site with the activities embedded into them. In the course I go over how to make a clickable PDF that would be assigned to students to use to access the pages. This PDF could also be assigned in an LMS. 

QUESTION: Is there an affiliate program for this course?

ANSWER: Yes there is, so you can refer friends and make your money back! 

Start thinking about the digital activities you want to build. Here are some of the content types that you’ll learn about in the course:

  1. Drag and Drop to indicate a correct answer (great for matching and sorting)
  2. Click one right answer
  3. Click multiple right answers
  4. Memory games
  5. Flashcards with images and a text input field
  6. Fill in the blanks with drag and drop word banks
  7. Drag and drop image sequencing
  8. Drag and Drop image pairing / matching
  9. Digital word searches
  10.  Fill in the blanks with text boxes

Maybe you’re not ready for a course this extensive but you still want to try your hand at making digital resources. Check out the website Educaplay. This is NOT the method I teach in this course, but it is a great option to get your feet wet with making HTML5 activities. I didn’t want you to leave disappointed. If you do make some digital activities with it, I’d love to see them!